What is a Renaissance Festival

The first renaissance festival was held in 1963 by a Los Angeles schoolteacher Phyllis Patterson. The intent of the original fair was for a fund raiser for a local radio station.
Renaissance fares are outdoor events held through the United States. There are some that are held for only one day and there are others that last for weeks. They are generally set during the reign of Elizabeth the I, though there are other set before or after this time period.
Going to your first renaissance festival is quite a treats. You are likely to see a variety of demonstrations from blacksmithing to leatherworking to belly dancing. You will also find a wide array of entertainment from puppeteers to duelers and jousters. If all that demonstration and entertainment is making you hungry you are sure to find a ton of different foods to fill your hearts desire.

RenFestHQ was started as an idea to help people enjoy Renaissance Fairs and eventually other fairs and events around them

Mission Statement:

To give people information on what life was like during the renaissance period. RenfestHQ will also help people work on their medieval clothing, and bring general information to everyone.

About the Author/Editor

Patrick M. Matherne – Works as a mechanical designer. He designs HVAC systems for school, universities, and other public buildings. I am also a participant in the Louisiana Renaissance Festival where I can usually be found around the Weavers Shed

In 2011 I took the persona of Harry Sodder, I was the Gardener for You Know Who

In 2012 I took the persona of Bobbin Threadbare, Journeyman Weaver and troublemaker

In 2012 I will also be starting a new personae, that of the Renaissance Entrepreneur.

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