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The Renaissance Entrepreneur

We all know of a person who runs their own business. They seem very successful. As you talk with them you begin to notice that they seem run down, you notice the bags under their eyes. they do not seem to have any energy. When you ask them what is wrong, they say they have been working late on their business for the past few months. This makes you wonder, what personal cost will it take to get my business idea off the ground? You really do not want what is happening to you friend to happen to you.

What was described above is an all too common occurrence in today’s economy. Why? Because most people will end up following the pattern of the people before them. Innovation and free thinking are disdained, the matra almost seems to be “This is how I did it, this is how you will do it.” Well, when you look at this article from the Small Business Administration, they state that about 51% of businesses fail within 5 years of start. This makes me wonder, why would anyone follow a path that has a 51% failure rate at 5 years. As you go further the outcome seems worse, to where only 26% make it to the 15 year mark. This kind of thinking is very rigid. So how do you break with traditional thought, how do you end the cycle? The easiest way is to have a rebirth of the way you look at things, a renaissance.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Where merchants have been setting up shops. Photo by Brain Snelson

What is the Renaissance Entrepreneur? Well he or she is a person who has decided to break out of the normal economic thought patterns. They take passion and enjoyment in their work. To them their job becomes an extension of their life, it does not overwhelm their life. You have seen these people before. They seem full of energy. If you have a problem that they can help with, they will try to help and not even ask anything in return.

So what is the difference

So what is the difference between the the traditional entrepreneur and the Renaissance Entrepreneur. Lets take a brief look at 4 aspects that are different in the approach that a traditional entrepreneur takes and a Renaissance Engineer takes to business.

Traditional Entrepreneur

The traditional entrepreneur takes the tried and true method. This method is the one you will find plastered all over college text books
1. Find an idea
2. Market the idea
3. Collect profits
4. Rinse and repeat

That plan seems kind of cold and sterile. It does not seem to have any room to inject any passion into it

Now lets look at how a Renaissance Entrepreneur approaches business

Renaissance Entrepreneur

1. Find a passion
2. Share the passion
3. Enjoy the fruits of your passion
4. Live life.
That plan seems full of passion, doesn’t it?

Find an Idea vs. Find a Passion

So, you are wondering what the difference is between a passion and an idea. An idea can be just about anything. You can almost just string a bunch of random words together to create the beginnings of a business idea. For instance, left handed broomsticks.Left handed broomsticks does not really sound exciting. You might call up the marketing data and see there is a small market for left handed broomsticks. You might be able to bring in a few bucks a day, but would you be happy. At the end of the day would you feel better about yourself for being in a business that was centered around left handed broomsticks

Now lets look at it from a passionate point of view. If you are a historian that studied cleanliness during the Renaissance. You take particular interest in the evolution of broomsticks. You chose a product such as 16th Century Broomsticks. Why did you choose it, because you already have a collection of 15 16th century broomsticks and you are planning on going to the next exposition on broomsticks in Las Vegas.
The idea is that you have picked a subject that you enjoy. In this case you chose 16th Century Broomsticks. This could be a hobby turned into a passion. This is something you would be willing to do even if you never got paid for it.

Market Your Idea vs Share the Passion

Getting the word out about your business is always a daunting task. The traditional ways can be a mixture of buying an on a billboard, have a radio commercial, or all the way to purchasing certain keywords in Google or even Facebook. To me this has always been so impersonal and hit or miss. It almost seems like throwing a bunch of targets in the air, then shooting a shotgun and hoping you hit some. One thing I never really like is that once the ads are created they pretty much can not be changed. It is kind of hard to change a billboard every few days.

The Renaissance Entrepreneur does not rely on static media. They engage their target audience. For instance they use the search feature on Twitter. Look for someone who is talking about the area they are passionate about Then see if they can add some input into the conversation. The Renaissance Entrepreneur express their passion to help people, they build up trust with the consumers.

Collect Profits vs Enjoy the Fruits of Your Passion

The traditional entrepreneurial route is to make a product, sell it and collect. If you are out just to make a little bit of money this is fine. The bad thing with this is it can become the main focus.

Whereas the Renaissance Entrepreneur does not merely collect a paycheck from their business. They become part of that business. As the business grows and succeeds so do they. There is never a lose. there is only an opportunity to learn. Though sometimes we seem to have quite a few of those. Every sale give another breath tho their dream. Every breath of their dream fuels their passion.

Rinse and Repeat vs. Live Life

This is probably one of the biggest differences. The traditional entrepreneur is focused on the business. Over time they will become consumed by the business. They will start sacrificing their emotional, spiritual, and physical well being to repeat a process that worked earlier. They know the how to do steps 1 to 3 and they will continue to do them. Their normal routine will become so strong they can not break out of it.

The Renaissance Entrepreneur is not obsessed with making the next sale or finding the next idea. They focus on working their passion. Win or lose they are doing something they enjoy. If what they chose does not turn out to be a viable business, then it might become a hobby. They do not completely throw their old ideas away.

Are you About to Experience an Entrepreneurial Rebirth

The Renaissance Entrepreneur is a person who works with their passions. They are not driven to just make a profit. In fact the pursuit of profit comes behind helping others. They share their passion with others, looking for opportunities to help. Do you think you have what it takes to become a Renaissance Entrepreneur?

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