Nov 092012

Louisiana Renaissance Festival Week 1

Well I survived the opening weekend of the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. Being on cast gives you a totally different view of things.

Pat & Cherry resting after close of faire

Patrick and Cherry taking a well deserved break after close of faire

The first day had us arriving at 9am to start getting dressed. We luckily had most of what we needed already there. The only part that was still needed was work on two farthingales. It took 3 people about 2 hours to get the hoop steel correctly in the skirt.

Once we were finished working on the farthingales, we started working on the demonstrations. This is also when we realized we somewhat forgot a few things. Mainly some sheeps wool, roving, and yarn. Well it looks like we forgot a few things

Peasant Court

We also performed two sets of Peseant Court, which is quite humorous. It would probably be even better if we stuck to the script. If you ever want to watch a half scripted half improv act. I recommend coming see this. I played the part of a person who is accused of having multiple women think he wants to marry them. In the end I get out of it, but you will have to come see the show to figure out how


Saturday, we paid our final farewell to three members who are no longer with us: Dave Albright, Owain Phyfe and Stan Carter. We toasted them with the songs We Be Soldiers Three, Health to the Company, and then our bagpipers played Amazing Grace. Their presence is already missed this season.

Once everything was set up we proceeded to start our weaving/spinning demonstrations. Using what we had (AKA what we did not forget), we were able to get a nice amount of people around when we were dressing the 24 inch rigid heddle loom. One of my friends is using that loom to make a set of blue and yellow kitchen towels. When they are done I will need to get a picture posted here

We also was able to get both of the spinning wheels up and running for a little. I am actually looking forward to getting back to spinning on my wheel


Sunday was mainly a rainy day. A few of us did attempt to brave the weather and got thoroughly soaked. My garb did not dry out for a few hours. I also discovered that some of my garb was fastened with water soluble glue.

Saving the Best for Last, the Food

Lastly I want to mention the cooking. Our resident cook, does a wonderful job. I actually gained three pounds over the weekend. I am hoping to get some of her recopies up



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