Sep 092012
Exhibit in the Higgins Armory Museum, 100 Barber Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Sword Exhibit in the Higgins Armory Museum, 100 Barber Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Where to Buy Swords?

One thing I have been asked quite a few times is, where to buy swords at?
Well the answer will depend on what you are intending to use the sword for. Some people just want a decorative sword to display. while others want one that can actually be used. Lets take a look at the differences between the two types to help you decide on which type of sword you want.

Sword Replicas

If you are going to be just using the sword for a decoration then your best bang for the buck is to look into buying a sword replica. The sword replicas are going to be cheaper than a battle-ready sword.

The  reason they are cheaper is because of the difference in construction. If you buy a replica sword you are going to get a blade that is stainless steel. Stainless steel has the benefit of being a lot more resistant to rust, but due to the chromium content the stainless steel would be brittler than a sword made of a carbon alloy.
Another difference is the blade on a replica sword is usually stamped out of a single piece of metal. The greatly reduces the processing time. This also changes the balance of the sword, making the sword rather unweildly

Sparring/Practice Sword

This sword will have the durability of a battle ready sword, but not the sharp edged. This type of sword is marketed for the reenactors or for sparring. These swords are not designed to be used for cutting or take an edge.  When looking at a sparring sword make sure that there are no sharp edges. These swords also have a full tang. The tang is the part of the sword that is inside the hilt. In a real sword the tang is part of the blade, whereas a replica sword this may be screwed in. The reason for the full tang is when you hit something the hilt takes a lot of the shock and you do not want to swing your sword only to see your blade go flying off.

Battle-Ready Sword

These will cost considerably more. The swords are generally forged by a blacksmith which adds to the cost. Also they will be made of carbon steel which is far more durable than the stainless steel, but they are not as rust resistance. This means that greater care will need to be taken in the upkeep of your sword. I should also note that if you plan to actually use your sword you will should do quite a bit more research into the manufacturer.

What else to get

When you purchase your sword there is a few things you might want to look at getting. Depending on how you plan to use the sword will depend on which one you meed. If you plan on wearing the sword you will need to make sure you have some sword of harness to attach the sword too as well as a scabbard. If you are going to just display the sword you might just need some sort of rack. One thing I would get is a cleaning to kit to keep your sword in pristine shape for years to come.

Vendors with Swords to Buy

Swords at Amazon There are a lot of movie prop/replica sword here. (Affiliate Link) has a large ammount of various swords. They range from the replicas to battle ready They specialize in Japanese Swords, but do carry a lot of Historical Western and Fantasy Swords. (Affiliate Link)

Lastly I would like to point out that with any weapon, care should be taken in the use of it. And remember what you see on tv, movies, and in books may not be what actually happens when you use your sword. So consider yourself warned.

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